Monday, September 26, 2011

I Love Sundays

I truly enjoy our Sundays.
We start off by going to church together and keep fairly busy while there.
Mark is the head of sound and a bass player.
I sing on the worship team and teach Sunday school.
Being organized for a smooth Sunday is essential around here.

But Sunday afternoons are a very different story.
We try to keep very little to do.
We usually come home to a meal which was either planned or even prepared Saturday,
so I can have a break and enjoy my family.
Then some Sundays we sit and watch a movie.
We are currently going through the Walton Series.
So wholesome and sweet.
On some Sundays we even make time for a nap.  Glorious!

Yesterday was a fun special day.
We decided to go apple picking.
I love apples fresh from the orchard.
Golden Delicious is my favorite.

Farmer Pete said It was okay to sample the apples, so Jillianne took him up on his offer ;)

After picking our "quota" which took us all, of about ten minutes,
we played at the orchard's playground and then off for a picnic.

It turned out to be a car-nick, as soon as we opened our cans of pop we were surrounded by bees.
With three girls there was a whole lot of screaming and a piece of pizza was thrown in self defense.
It was not pretty!
So we headed back into the car for our meal.
After the coast was clear and we had finished our sugary drinks,
we went to the park for a little more fun.

This park is new.  The park that was there before was damaged last year in a tornado and they have replaced it with this great new play area.
The girls were pretty excited since we hadn't been there in quite some time.

We took in the surf,

sailed a away a little,

and even got Kerrington to put down here I-pad and join in the fun.

We finished our great day off with a walk by the docks.

We had such a great day together but it wasn't what we did or where we went that mattered.
That's why I love Sundays, as long as we are together they are perfect.

Until next time,  Joceline

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catching Our Breath

To my sweet readers.
Please excuse us while we catch our breath from all the activities we have been up too.
We had our first day of school today and it was great.
We had postponed starting school for two week because we took an amazing family vacation.
I will share all about that soon.
 So for now here is our first day of school picture.

Until next time,  Joceline