Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Material and Buttons

Funny how some material and some buttons can conjure up some much emotion.
Material and Buttons.
Sewn together to create a shirt worn by my youngest daughter.
I didn't pay alot of money for it,so the monetary value of it was not my concern.
It was by far my favorite shirt for her to wear.
It has sat idle in her closet for over a year waiting for me to decide what to do with it.
I knew today it was now time to let it go.
Material and Buttons.
So hard...
So many sweet, precious to me memories tied to that shirt.
No one to pass it down to.
The clothes that my older two have worn has been passed down and thoroughly enjoyed, but this shirt
was bought specifically for Jillianne, my youngest.
I knew it would have no little sister to pass it to, so that is perhaps why I put it on her so much.
Baby clothes was no trouble for me to get rid of, but as the years pass, it becomes more and more real that little shirts are becoming a thing of the past already.
We had our children quite young, I had just turned twenty one when our first daughter was born and now 
at thirty-four my "baby" is seven.  
It all went by so quickly.
I love the stage we are at with our girls, free to get up and go at a moments notice, but I loved the snuggle time and home time we had when they were babies.
So I suppose the shirt has reminded me of these special times of the past, but mostly to appreciate where we are right now because before long I'll be reminiscing of today.

Material and Buttons.

Who knew such a simple thing could be so profound to me.

Until next time,   Joceline

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

We all had a wonderful day celebrating Father's Day.
The girls of course had made Daddy cards and we had bought him a really cool new tool for his Fire gear.

Since this is a post about father's day I'll talk about my dad first.
My dad is the kind of man that everybody likes, he is friend to all.
Thinking back on my childhood, I would have to say that I am extremely blessed.
My mom was the first member of our family to come to Jesus and she introduced our whole family to Him.
My mom would go to Bible studies, my dad never stopped her and before long going to church had became very important in both of their lives.
Jesus changed my Dad into the man he is today.
My dad is so hardworking, we never went without.
My parents sacrificed alot of money to put my brother and I both into private Christian school, which was quite expensive and I never heard them complain about the cost, not once.

My dad always seem to make it a point to go on a family vacations together and those times were always special.

When I was eight years old I had broken my leg and had to spend two months in the hospital, which was quite an inconvenience and a large financial cost to my dad. He came to see me every night after work and would pick up my mom, who had spent all day with me.
He would come into my room, no matter how hard his day had been with a smile.
 Without fail every night before he left he would go to the vending machine and buy two little bags of chips, one BBQ and one salt and vinegar, because I couldn't decide which one was my favorite;)

My dad is always positive.
He is very encouraging and will always have a good word to say to pick you up when you are down.
He always encouraged me to think on positive things.
"God will work it out honey," are words I often heard while growing up.

Little notes.
When I was a little older my dad was switched to afternoons and we didn't get to see each other much during the week, but I knew he loved and missed me because he left me little notes that told me so.
I still have alot of those little notes in my special box today.

My dad is so generous.
His motto is, is "I can't take it with me!"
He is forever blessing us, in tangible ways.
He is so loving and sweet.
With each year as my girls get older it brings new appreciation for my dad and how much he loves and has sacrificed for me.

As great as my dad is, which is really hard to top, he is an even better grandpa.
He loves my daughters so much, and they love him too, so much.
We are so fortunate to have been blessed with this dad/grandpa.
God is so generous.
I love you so much Dad.

Your favorite daughter;)  Joceline

My Girl's Daddy.

Mark is a very hard working man.
He has allowed me the honour of staying home to be a full time mom.
He works so hard so I can live out my dream job, every day.
In this world having a single income is very uncommon.
Mark works very hard, so we never go without.
He never complains, ever.
He is so sweet to our girls, he loves to plan fun things to do like spontaneous bon-fires, picnics, walks by the river.
He goes out of his way to make our girls feel special.
I know some day too the girls will come to a realization of what a self- sacrificing, hard working, dedicated man their father is.
It is an honour to be his wife.
I thank God for this wonderful man he has blessed me and our girls with.
I love you Mark.
Your wife,  Joceline

My Husband's Father.

Thank you for being such a fine example to Mark.
  A sweet, kind, generous Father.
I see so much of you in him.
I know Mark is the kind of dad he is today because of you.
With much appreciation,
 your daughter in love,  Joceline

Monday, June 13, 2011


We had a wonderful weekend.
 After nine years of homeschooling so far, our oldest daughter graduated from grade eight.
It was a wonderful time of celebration for her and also for us as parents, especially being that we have taken up the challenge of homeschooling our children. We have seen first hand how hard she has worked for this day and also how hard we have worked toward this day with her.
I have mentioned before we are part of a fantastic home school group and Kerrington was able to graduate with a large group of other home schooled students.
It was a beautiful ceremony and a great party for the graduates later that evening.

The anticipation for this day started quite some time ago when we began looking at grad dresses, choosing nail colour and a hair style. Put that all together and Kerrington looked positively stunning.

Kerrington and her sweet friend. Can you tell they went shopping together?
Love this age!

It was so great because I just "happened" to be on the grad committee and was able to stay for the grad party. It was so heart warming to see my daughter have so much fun with her friends.
I am so honoured to be a part of such a wonderful group of parents, who have raised such exceptional children.

Since Kerrington was so busy Saturday night having a good time, we decided we would have a family party after church on Sunday.

It is quite obvious we are so proud of our girl.
We are very much looking forward to next year when we start on our new adventure of homeschooling high school.
This is going to be a wonderful new challenge for us,
but so very worth it.

Until next time,   Joceline

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday to my Dad.

After a very busy day we went over to my mom and dad's
house in just enough time to put up some decorations and "surprise" Grandpa when he got home from work.
Kerrington made this banner paying close attention to be sure to put sixty swirls on it.

Jillianne made a pretty cute card for Grandpa. If you notice the pockets on the shirt those are pens and a pair of glasses, which is very much like her Grandpa.

Ireland created quite the card for Grandpa.
Her Grandpa is a truck driver and she thought a truck card would be the right touch from her.
She is very good with paper and tape that girl.

Here is the birthday boy and his candle blowing assistant, standing very close by just in
case he needed some help.

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest dad in the world ;) who just so happens to be my Dad.

Although it is his birthday, I feel like the lucky one.
I Love you Dad.

Your favorite daughter,  Joceline

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Making it Mine

I have been wanting to post about this for a while now and just haven't had the time.

Let's go back quite a few years when Mark started talking about motorcycles.
They weren't serious, but just someday talks.
I was glad because I wasn't sure if I could handle the man I love on a motorcycle.
Years passed and the talks intensified, more in depth, I thought to myself
"Oh no he's serious, I thought this was a passing phase."
It wasn't.
 I just happened to be reading the book "Wild At Heart" by John Eldredge at the time. A book about discovering the secrets of a man's soul.
I know it was a good book but the only line I remember reading out of the whole thing was where he says something along the lines of this, If he wants to get a motorcycle, let him get a motorcycle.
I try to understand my man but this one was hard.
Mark has always put us before himself and I knew it was about time he did something just for him.

It didn't take long before the rumbling sound was in our driveway.
I'm not sure if it was the motorcycle or my heart pounding really loudly!
I think the next book I should be reading is the Power of a Praying Wife.

In any case Mark was enjoying the bike and was so excited the day he got his M2 license, so he could take me for a ride.
I thought I would hate it but I really enjoy it!
I love any reason to sit close and hang onto my husband.

When we came home from buying our helmets and glasses, the girls expressed their concern over the fact that we might turn into "bikers."
They wanted to know if we were going to start wearing black and get tattoos.
Too funny!

Being that Mark bought the bike from a friend, everyone kept saying "Oh you have so and so's bike",
so over this past winter Mark got to re-designing the bike to make it more him.  He designed the graphics for the orange details.
A new paint job by a friend under Mark's careful supervision,
new handle bars, new mirrors, grips, and a few spikes,

It's alot more him now!

Until next time,  Joceline

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birthday Palooza

Over this past, very busy weekend Ireland turned 11.
I still remember the day we brought you home, you looked like a little bird.
This year you wanted make-up for your birthday.
Time seems to have slipped between my fingers.
You are turning into such a beautiful young lady.
You have such a sweet, tender heart.
You don't ever like hurting any ones feelings and you are very concerned when something isn't right with a friend.
You go out of your way to be nice and even though it doesn't always come naturally to you, you
reach out to make others feel they have a friend in you.
You enjoy God's word very much, you love reading stories from the Bible, and this has helped you to know alot of the answers in Sunday School!
You are excellent in Math and say "this so much fun and it's so easy."
You love helping daddy with anything that requires tools.
You have some of your own so you can work right along side him.
You love to build things. We have a bird house in the laundry room waiting for you to put your hand to. 
I love how one day you are so grown up and other days you are completely content with still being my little girl. I hope this lasts a little while longer.
   You are so special to us, thinking about you always makes my heart smile.
I Thank God He gave me you.

So we started the celebrating two weekends ago with a family party.
We were going to be gone away the 4th of June (the special day;), so we got a head start.
I don't think you minded because your birthday lasted two weekends.

You wanted to decorate your own cake. You did a great job on it.

On our way to Grandpa and Grandma's house we stopped off at the Science center. You all had no idea we were going until we pulled into the parking lot.  It was so fun to see you girls be so surprised.

After a full tour, off to Grandpa and Grandma's house we went. While we were there we had cake.It was for Jillianne and you.

Then off to Nan's house and we had cake!

On Sunday we went to a family reunion and you girls had alot of fun.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday "weekends" My sweet girl.
Love you forever,  Mommy