Monday, July 25, 2011

Time Flies

One year ago today, Ireland and Jillianne were princess' for the day.
Friends of our were getting married and they were flower girls.
What a special day that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Happy one year anniversary to our friends and thank you again for giving our girls such wonderful memories to cherish.

Until next time, Joceline

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girls Room

Ireland and Jillianne share a bedroom.
Their room is a place to rest and relax.
A soft colour like purple seemed very relaxing to me.
No toys, just a book shelf full of "book time" books.

Here is a peek into thier little cottage feel space.

Until next time,  Joceline

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Nights

Every other Wednesday night with out fail, I am left husband less.
I am okay with this.
Behind this great firefighter is a very dedicated woman.
My darling goes off to his meetings at the fire hall.
These are the nights they train on their equipment, review how calls went and discuss ways to improve their abilities as firefighters.
Our fire station works on a pager system, this is not Mark's full time job, he is a "volunteer"

So this little machine is on Mark's side at all times or in its charge pod in our bedroom.
It goes off anytime day or night no matter what time it is.
There are nights I have slept right through the calls and there are calls I have waited through and prayed for my husband's and  his "brother's" safety during some especially dangerous situations.
Mark will tell me of some of the particulars but I also know he doesn't tell me everything because I might worry too much. He knows what I can and cannot handle.
There are many occasions that have come and gone that Mark has missed because of his dedication.
I give him much credit, but also to us as a family to give up a daddy and a husband at a moments notice, usually during a birthday party or some special occasion.
( Don't ask Jillianne about her Kindergarten graduation, that one was a tough one :(
well she seems to be okay with it now.)

When I go to the hall I am amazed at all the equipment in which Mark works with and that he also trains other firefighters how to use them as well.
He has been a firefighter for almost ten years.
Earlier this year he was promoted to acting captain, which means when a regular captain is gone, he replaces them.
More responsibility at calls and much more pressure, but he handles it so well and he gets to wear a red helmet instead of a yellow one!

To say that I am proud of this man would be a serious under statement.

A few years back at our wive's appreciation dinner, they presented us an angel pin with a fire helmet on it and beautiful poem. ( I'm not sure who penned this)

A Firefighter's Wife

A special kind of woman, a cut above the rest
That's a Firefighter's Wife
rating her among the best.
How many goodbyes are shouted, with out a fond embrace,
As duty steals her man, for the danger he must face.
How many meals are ruined or tender moments disturbed,
By the wail of a distant signal, sparking loyalty unswerved.
It's a devil of a job, for an angel like this,
Who... for the love of her man, must forsake that kiss.
She's a mother, lover, chauffeur and nurse,
A living symbol of: " For better or for worse."
Rich is the man, reaping his reward in life, 
Who chooses to be the other half
Of a Firefighter's Wife. 

Until next time,  Joceline

Friday, July 1, 2011


We have been enjoying the not so hot days of summer.

Last Saturday was soccer finals.
I was on the edge of my seat during Ireland's game.
I came over during the second half of the game because Jillianne's game was on at the same time, when I got there they were tied 1to1.
They were playing for first place.  Tense, very tense.
Game was tied.
Then they went to five minutes of over time.
Onto a shoot out.
Five shots by each team.
Ireland's team was up first.
Her teammate missed the first shot.
Yellow team got their first shot.
Oh no!
Back and forth each team got a goal.
Yellow team went last and missed!
Tied again.
Keep going until a goal is scored.
I wish I could say that Ireland's team won, but they didn't.
They came in second place.
Not bad for a team who lost most of their beginning games.

I have no idea where Jillianne's team placed. I don't even know if they keep track of that for her age group.
Her final game was the best they ever played,
They scored 4 goals.
I think that is more than they scored all season.
Way to go Bananas!

On Monday night we picked Mark up from work and headed to the riverfront for a spectacular fireworks show.
We arrived at 4:30pm, for a 10:00pm show.
We had fantastic "front row" seats and surprisingly the wait went by really quickly, thanks to some careful pre-planning.
As for pictures I don't have any.
With all the extra stuff we had to carry I didn't take any pictures.

With school being done I have written a list of things I want to get accomplished over the summer.
I don't do spring cleaning because I am in school and I just don't have the time.
So I do summer cleaning;)
This week was re-paint the front porch ceiling, walls and floor.
Now I am just waiting for the floor to dry to put everything back.
I also re-painted a cedar box my dad made for me when I was 15 years old.
It was my hope chest.
A place to store things for my future household.
Now it has a home in my front porch and it hold outdoor necessities.
Base ball gloves, container of sidewalk chalk, and  helmets.
Easily accessible and keeps things organized and tidy.

I think I am going to tackle the kitchen next. I am going from biggest job to smallest while I am still motivated.

Until next time,  Joceline