Sunday, May 26, 2013

Celebrate times 2

We started a small "tradition" last year for Jillianne and Ireland's family birthday parties,
to be celebrated on the same day.
It turned out wonderful, so we did it again this year.
Their birthdays are less than a month apart so we have it right in the middle.
Two cakes, two birthday girls, lots of fun!
The girls chose to go green and blue for the joint celebration,
and also requested to decorate their own birthday cakes.
For sure!!!
Here is Jillianne's
and Ireland's.
They were delicious.
Matching gifts :)

Celebratory balloons.

Two sweet birthday girls.

One happy proud mama.
Happy Birthday to my now nine year old little red head and
 to my almost thirteen year old little blondie.
Until next time,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I couldn't allow this day in our lives to go unmarked.
We buried my grandmother today.
She was 83 years old.
What a beautiful and sad day all wrapped into one.
Beautiful to see so many lives who had been touched by one person and sad that all we now have are those memories.
My grandmother whom I called Memere had ten wonderful children, one who was already awaiting her in paradise, was so loved and cared for especially in her last days by these dedicated people.
Around the clock they took turns to be at her bedside, so she would never be alone. She was poured into with so much love and compassion it was absolutely beautiful to watch such love in action.
I commend her children and their wives/husbands for their unfailing tenderness.
It was a tribute to her.
"Her children shall rise and call her blessed..."
She also had 27 grand children, 38 great-grand children and 4 great-great- grand children, who too arose and called her blessed but mostly who just loved and kissed her because she loved kisses!
My dad who is the oldest son was able to share a few words at her funeral,
I want to remember those words.
Here is an excerpt of what he spoke about his mom.
"A woman with an iron hand when it came to difficulties and obstacles,
she would never give up and always said the Lord will help us and He did.
Yet when it came to loving and caring for us she had a velvet glove of love and compassion
and always had time for each of us.
All of us remember her nuggets of wisdom,
 Don't forget about the Lord Jesus.
Choose you friends carefully.
Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who are.
She knew that bad company corrupts good character."
Other words of dedication and love were spoken of, only reaffirming what we all sitting there knew.
She was an amazing woman who will be deeply missed.
She has left us but her legacy of love will live on in each one us as we take care of each other.
P.S Memere we won't forget the pickles.
Until we meet again,
Your loving grand-daughter,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sports and Sweetness

We have had a great day today, Jillianne is back to her swimming lessons.
She is already in Swimmer 4, not bad for a little girl who just last summer still had to wear water wings.
She told me today
 "Oh thank you mommy for putting me in swimming I love swimming."

(Here she is on her first day of  Swimmer 1)
She was so excited she had told pretty much anyone who would listen that she had gone to a swimming "audition" and now she was in Swimmer 1.
We offered her, if she wanted to take a break and do some soccer in the spring she could, she quickly answered that she would much prefer to swim than play soccer.
She touched the ball three times last soccer season, so she really won't be missing much.
Put her in some water and she lights up.
Ireland on the other hand can't wait to get to soccer season.
She enjoys it very much.
We almost didn't allow her to play this coming season because she got injured last summer and her knee still some times bothers her.
She did some physio and there seems to be some improvement, so with a knee brace we are going ahead this year. I think this is her eighth year.
Freezing cold first game and scorching hot last game here we come!
Kerrington does not like sports. Period
She has many other interest!
We have been busy around the house lately because I am married to the sweetest man.
We have a family room.
Well it was more Mark's room that anything else, I blogged about it in April of 2011.
It is an awesome fire themed, manly room, with a big TV and loud sound.
Perfect for Mark.
He is giving it up and we are turning it into a bedroom for Ireland.
While he was telling me his plan I turned to him and reminded "but you love this room"
and he answered " I do, but I love her more."
Seriously. I love this man.
He went on to tell me what a great kid she is and how she deserves her own space and some privacy.
I knew he was an amazing man, but he made me teary eyed with this.
It will take some time for the transition, but it will be great.
Now... the big TV and loud sound are in our "formal" living room.
 I am learning how to be more like my husband and remember that I love them more.
I am a work in progress;)

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Really Long Time No Post!

I have come to the realization that you make time for the things that are important.
Looking back on my previous posts, I now see that I truly enjoy keeping a journal of our                     family events.
I watched as Mark read some of our earlier entries and I loved how much he was smiling, that's why I write.
I don't want to sit and write what I think others will enjoy reading, but our lives real and "possibly" un-edited. I want us all to be able to look back years from now and read about what we did during our daily routines, as well as the special times. So if my dialogue is directed toward us,
don't be offended as I want this for us, my family.
These are few of the things that have happened in 2012.

Some one got a haircut that made her absolutely cuter, if that was even possible!

We had a family wedding and Ireland had the privilege of standing in it. She was positively radiant!

This sweet girl also got a hair cut and then another hair cut,
her inhibition to try new things is one of the qualities that makes her so special.
We tried to enjoy more time as a family, we love to play games together.
Pictionary is one of our favorites.
I can always amaze us by how bad I draw, Kerrington has inherited this skill, but Mark, Ireland and Jillianne can all draw sooo well.
Funny things is though, Kerrington and I win just as often because we "understand" each others scratchings, where as Daddy and the girls like the details.
Great drawing, but in this game just get it out there and done.
We always laugh so hard,  how can we even guess at some of the drawing we do?
Love this time:)

I hope to post more often as this is a pretty sad review of 2012. I want this year to be different in my blogging journey.
I am looking forward to 2013 to post much more regularly with or without pictures, because I want our stories to remembered.
Some of them are really funny!
Until next time,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Special Time

Quite some time ago Mark and I started something special with our girls,
hence the name "Special time."
We wanted to make sure that each girl was not overlooked or ever left out.
At first I thought they would not be interested in it, but it seems to have picked up in popularity.
So it goes like this.
We have a six week schedule.
 The first week I have special time with Jillianne, a few hours on a week night,
then the second week it's with Ireland, followed by Kerrington.
Then we switch and it's daddy's special time with each of the girls.
        Now, we are not rigid in this schedule, we genuinely try to protect this time,                                       
  but sometimes it takes us 8-9 weeks to go through our rotation,
because life happens.

We let them have a choice as to what they would like to do with us.
We give them sort of an outline for the six weeks, so each special time will be similar, again making it "fair."
This year we have already done "it has to cost nothing,"
which the girls were very good at coming up with ideas.
A movie at home with dad, pool at the fire hall, games with mom or snuggling in bed while watching the Precious girls club.
They actually impressed us with their creativity.
This time around it was a dinner or something fun to do while going out, completely their choice.
Jillianne jumped at the chance to go with daddy to see the Lorax.
"I want to go to you know the place with the big screen and they sell popcorn there."
Ireland has requested a hockey game.
I think Kerrington is leaning toward a dinner out with dad.

We never use this time to grill the girls or talk discipline or about school.
It is just a time for focusing on getting to know them more and laughing, lots of laughing
making a special connection with them.
We try to end each time by thanking them for spending time with us,
because we really do cherish the time we have with them.

I am amazed at how often I hear Jillianne asking when her next special time is.
Her excitement is contagious, I love that she loves this time.
The other two may not be as verbal with their excitement toward special time,
 but I know they enjoy it very much.

We are so honored that God has given us the awesome privilege of raising part of the next generation, we take this wonderful responsibility very seriously, so we want to make sure we pour into these sweet girls
everything we have.
"Special time" is a small, but very important part of that.

Until next time,


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day.
We have been celebrating since last Friday when the girls each had a few
friends over to celebrate friendship.
It was a great time.
The girls and I made these sweet sugar cookies to share for dessert.
They turned out so pretty, probably because they are decorated in pink!

I am quite predictable when it comes to holidays, the stores must know it, because
shortly after Christmas is over I get the urge to buy anything pink or red.
Now that Valentine's is over I am looking into those soft spring colours,
baby yellow, spring green, robin's egg blue.
It's a sickness!

My Sweetie bought me this lovely card with one of my favorite scripture verses.
I have been wanting to incorporate this verse into our bedroom decor.
He's been listening;)

My mom stopped by before supper to drop us off a special valentine's
message and dessert.

The girls have also gotten feathers in their hair.
Kerrington's is double drop feather, Ireland has a single blue one and Jillianne's is a black and white polka dotted one.
This is one of those trends that we didn't mind saying yes to, that way when a weird one comes out,
 I'll have no problem saying No!
Some yes, some no.
That is small philosophy of mine ;)

Until next time,   Joceline

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Magnified Fun

There are really no words needed for this post.

Aren't they lovely?
Love these girls, they make me laugh so much.

Until next time,

one proud mama!