Thursday, August 18, 2011

Loving Life

I have been trying to keep up with "regular" blogging,
but it seems like life is getting in the way and I'm loving it!
In the past week we have enjoyed a whole lot of life.

The girls were part of yet another VBS.

Crazy hair day

Crazy hat day, which they both won!

The week was ended with a special family day.
A re-telling of a story they had learned earlier in the week, accept this time Jonah was a guest star played by Daddy!
See him in the "whale"
Jillianne was pretty pleased that Daddy was picked to play such an "important role."

After a great time of singing and stories, we headed out for a carnival, which included a dunk tank that Ireland couldn't wait to get in.
She talked about it all week long.

She got in all right.

Even Kerrington who isn't in many of my pictures anymore, as her somewhat adventurous days are over , got into the bucket train.
She may not admit she enjoyed it, but the pictures prove other wise.

Family day at Daddy's work.
We had the opportunity to take a tour of the place where Daddy works.
It was a whole lot of fun.
From the pictures you might think Mark works for a rodeo, but this was a show for the kids to enjoy on top of the tour.

It was a really educating experience to see all that Mark is a part of.

We've been soaking in the local splash pad, a place of good clean, free fun!

A surprise purchase by daddy of this really awesome Frisbee, has brought alot of laughs.
I have never laughed so much in my life!
Thanks, Honey

We have also been spending alot of time at a nearby nature park right in our town.
As soon as you step foot onto the grounds, it seems so peaceful.
We love walking the trails, but more so we like to explore the waters and look for creatures.
So far this summer we have seen, baby ducks who came to eat some bread from us, a fairly large turtle, some snails, frogs and lots of mosquitoes.

So forgive me if I'm not sitting at my computer very often but I am off enjoying life with my sweet little family.

Until next time,  Joceline

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest man.
I won't tell anyone how old you turned today.
It is not that old, but it seems to be a little more difficult to admit that we are in our mid to late thirties.
Where has the time gone.

We started celebrating last Thursday with dinner just the two of us. Our babysitter already had plans Saturday night. (Umm I think we are going to start booking her every Saturday night!)
We hopped on the motorcycle and had a wonderful time snuggling, literally, we held onto each other because the ride home was freezing! 
 We had cake on Sunday afternoon, this one was a special request by the birthday boy.

The girls made Daddy some wonderful cards and a banner.

Of course there were lots of snuggles and kisses for the birthday boy.

Here it is in artist format, by Jillianne

 it seems like there are not enough words to say how I truly feel about you, but I know you know my heart for you.
I am so amazed and honoured that God chose me to be your other half.
I am so thankful to Him for putting us together on this journey of life.
I am so in love with you, it is ridiculous!
I am so proud of you.
The man, the husband, the father I've watched you become is remarkable.
You are amazing.
So here's to you my Love.
Happy Birthday to the Sweetest man.

Until next time,  Joceline

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I was looking forward to a summer of cleaning, sort of relaxing time.
I have been busier than ever.
We have re-done our roof, not as in we hired a company to do it.
We did it ourselves with the help of some family and great friends. ( You know who you are;)
We are currently renovating Kerrington's room, nothing major just adding some trim work and changing the colour and look.
I'll show you when it is finished.
I am still trying to knock down my cleaning list in the middle of all our activities.
We have done VBS at our church, the girls have gone to summer camp, Jilliane and I have been out on some special outings together (while her sisters were gone), we have had a number of birthday parties,pool parties, picnics, parades, town carnival, a pure whirlwind of activities. I have not heard the words "I'm bored" and we are August third. Yeah!
We need to get back to school to take a break.
Here are a few

Until next time,  Joceline