Friday, February 25, 2011

Evening At the Spa

I was pampered tonight at the Lily Pad day spa.  I was well taken care of by three very attentive girls.
My Girls.  I was welcomed by a very friendly secretary who took my gift certificate ( which I actually won at last weeks tea party.)   

Then it was time for my warm water hand soak and scrub which was done by a very
sweet blond girl. 

A relaxing hand cream massage done by the very talented secretary of the spa.

Then the owner of the small in house operation took time to sit and give me a multi-coloured  manicure.

There are no words to describe how beautiful my nail creations looked, the picture says it all.

My relaxation continued from there with a facial and no there will be no pictures posted of that despite
 the fact that Ireland was the photographer for the event and didn't miss a shot, but a picture of the
secretary's facial, absolutely!

After all my beauty treatments were complete the secretary suggested that because I looked so beautiful
"Daddy should come pick you up in a bow tux."
I wondered if she wanted Daddy to wear tuxedo or go get botox injections.
Well in any case I had a really good laugh.
So thank you to the very attentive staff of the Lily Pad day spa,
I had a very good time and hope to return again soon.
I love having girls :)

Until next time,  Joceline

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Interview with Kerrington , sort of.

Kerrington overheard me interviewing a few of the members in our household and wanted to know when it
was going to be her turn? I was busy making supper at that moment, so it would have been difficult for me to be a reporter and a chef ;)  So with the questions in hand she interviewed herself. In about ten minutes her interview or I should say her short autobiography was complete.

So here you have it.   

How old are you?  13 years old

What is your favorite colour?  Light blue and oil rubbed bronze, Brown and Green.

What is your favorite animal?  None, they are disgusting.

What is your favorite book?  A Life of Faith Books and Chicken Soup for the Pre-teenage Soul.

What is your favorite food?  Homemade potatoe soup, homemade bread and Greek noodle salad.

What do you want to be when you grown up?  A children's/youth pastor.

What is your favorite movie?  A New Beginning Anne of Green Gables.

What makes you happy?  Spending time with my friends and family, talking on the phone with my friends.

What makes you sad?  Not being able to see my friends all the time.

What is your favorite song to sing?  All My Fountains Are in You.

What is your favorite game or pass-time?  Scrapbooking and working on the computer.

What is your favorite time of the year?  Christmas and Valentines.

That is so Kerrington, any writing project she jumps into, she is very much like me.
Give us a pen and some paper and we are very happy.

Until next time,  Joceline

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interview with Ireland

How old are you ?   10 and 1/2

What is your favorite colour?  Blue

What is your favorite animal?  I'd have to say a dog, a Shitz Tsu.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A farmer.  I want to have cows, pigs, sheep, horses
                                                                      and chickens and a garden.

What is your favorite movie?  I don't know yet ( stares off into the air for some serious thinking)
                                              A meaningful life from Veggie Tales.

What is your favorite book?  Precious Girls Club Books.

What makes you happy?  Pictures of Farms.

What makes you sad?  I don't know.

What is your favorite food?  Tomato soup with at least 20 crackers. 

What is your favorite song to sing?  Old McDonald Had a Farm.

What is your favorite game or pass-time?  Drawing, thinking about farms and of course wii.

What is your favorite time of the year? Harvest time and Easter because of the colours.

Interview over.

Does anyone else see a common thread?   I think Ireland wants to live on a farm.  I don't know where she would get a desire like this from?  (Ha Ha!)

She recently purchased some modeling clay and with farming on her brain she created her own mini
farm animals.

Well if she wants to be a farmer I'd say she is off to a fine start.

Until next time,  Joceline

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Interview with Jillianne

 I recently sat down for a brief interview with the smallest member of our family. I know we will enjoy looking back many years from now as to how our answers will change, so as of today this is what Jillianne's answers are:

How old are you?  six and a half

What is your favorite colour?  Pink

What is your favorite animal?  Pigs and dogs

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Doctor

What is your favorite movie?  I would have to say umm . . . (wait for about 30 seconds)  umm . . .
                     (another 25 seconds)  Are we still on movies?  I'd have to say that
                                 my favorite movie umm. . . right now my favorite
                                     movie, I'm still thinking, oh the one where the
                                 animals attack the people.  ( Furry Vengeance)

What is your favorite book?  I don't know, oh my new princess Bible
                                             (Cute story at the end of interview)

What makes you happy?  My Bible

What makes you sad?  The devil ( said with a scrunched up face)

What is your favorite food?  manicotti and umm. . . umm. . . ( I should have grabbed
         a snack and a drink before) umm. . . I'd have to say those little noodles with the fuffles around them
                                           with the cheese in the middle.  (Tortellini)

What is your favorite song to sing?  Jesus loves me

What is your favorite game?  wii ( I didn't even have to ask this one I already

What is your favorite time of the year?  You already did that It's Christmas
                                                            I'm ready for something else, I'm

                                        Interview over!    

Cute Bible story:  We walked into church two Sunday mornings past and Jillianne like usual could hardly wait to go find her friends.  She quickly returned to me in tears saying that they had her Bible.  Well it wasn't her Bible but it was the one she had be admiring in the book store the week before.  She was devastated! My heart broke for her.  I took a quick glance into the bookstore and saw one left.  We found daddy in a hurry to ask his permission for a new Bible, not just any Bible but a new Princess Bible.  ( I knew daddy would never say no to such a request) so we got in line to purchase the new Bible, with tears still in her eyes Jillianne walked out of the bookstore clutching her new Bible. My prayers is that she will learn to love the word of God and I think the purchase of a new Princess Bible was the perfect place to start! Thanks Daddy.

Until next time,   Joceline

Friday, February 18, 2011

Time for Tea

After lunch I was cordially invited to tea in the playroom.  The doors were quickly shut to the room and a  gentle clamour ensued.  With very proficient workers the tea was ready in no time and I was allowed into the room to enjoy some time with three or I should say five girls, heaven forbid I forget to include Rapunzel and Sarah our guests of honour, actually the tea was to celebrate their coronation as queen and princess.

The table was beautifully set with a polka dotted tea set and some barbie plates to hold the many delightful
delicacies such as fruit snacks, sweet tarts and runts.These are special because they are not around the house very often, that is probably why they were used for such a grand occasion.

A toast to the Queen and Princess.

Sipping on the tasty tea, or umm . . . I should say water, after all the carpet in that room is cream.
Good thing too because we did spill some tea or umm . . . I should thankfully say water.

Enjoying our runts or in Jillianne's case playing with our runts.

I appreciate Kerrington and Ireland, both quite mature for their age, but not afraid to sit down and play along with their little sister because at six and a half  tea parties for queens and princesses are very important.

I never had a sister but I am so enjoying watching the bonds of sister hood being formed one sip at a time.

I love having girls  (Have I said that before?)

Until next time,  Joceline

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is a little glimps into what has been happening around here leading up to Valentine's day.

We were "hard" at work preparing for a Valentine's party we held at our house for 12 beautiful girls.
We celebrated our friendships with lots of screaming and lots of giggling.

 You would never guess who put up all these streamers for the party.
We'll if you guessed me I would have to say incorrect. I can't climb a two step without getting a little lightheaded. So when it comes party decorating and  hanging streamers I always enlist the help of a fully trained firefighter who has no trouble climbing a 100 foot ladder to do the job. I always knew those many hours of training would some how pay off!  Just look.

I know, I know impressive.

Along with all the screaming and giggles there was lots of candy, come to think of it maybe this was the cause of all the screaming and giggles.  Who knows. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

The cupcakes were made by some very talented cake decorators who rose to the challenge of making each one unique and more icing filled that their previous creation.

I know, I know impressive. We seem to have the makings of a party planning business on our hands ;)

I always enjoyed Valentine's Day as a child but never enjoyed the focus of it being a holiday strictly for adults in "love".
I think that is why we hold a party and we place the focus on friends so that there is not such a rush to be in "love", just so pretty red and pink things can be bought. Well there is also the fact that I truly enjoy planning and throwing parties, especially when it involves the colour pink.  I love having girls! 

Since the girls didn't eat enough candy all weekend I topped them off with a Valentine morning treat.
No, It wasn't there breakfast.  They had to eat some cereal then they could eat one little chocolate each.
I had also taken some time to pray and write these little note cards I printed of a website which read ten things I love about you.

1. your rosy cheeks
2.your lady like smile
3.your helping without being asked
4.your silliness
5.your laughter
6.your kindness
7.your dedication to God
8.the way you sing to Jesus
9.your ability to be flexible
10. is that you are my daughter

1.your tender heart
2.your smile
3.your dimples
4.your love for Jesus
5.your sweetness
6.your creativity
7.your sparkly blue eyes
8.your rosy cheeks
9. your willingness to help others
10. is that you are my daughter

1. your smile
2. your laugh
3. your sweetness
4.the way you dance
5.your cute face with glasses.
6. your adorable front teeth
7.the way you sing for Jesus
8. your hugs
9. your funny giggles
10. is that you are my daughter

I am blessed and honoured to have been chosen to be the mom to these fantastic, energetic, fun loving little girls and just like all the candy, screaming and giggling there was at our party I wouldn't have it any other way.
Happy Valentine's Day

Until next time,  Joceline

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow, snow and well, more snow.

My little family has made the best of all the snow that we have had and went into the back yard  and
used garbage cans to make a snow fort. The fact that they are using garbage cans as forms is a small  indication as to how much snow we have.  I don't remember having this much snow all at once since I was about 8 years old. The snow fort isn't quite finished the back side needs a few more can fulls and the tarp roof has to be installed and there was talk of lanterns and winter camping!?! That isn't going to happen, the battery operated lantern, yes but the winter camping is a no-no. Jillianne announced this afternoon that she is done with the snow because it is just to hard to walk in the yard. I didn't have the heart to tell her that spring is at least another 5 weeks away. Well even if I told her , she doesn't seem to mind staying indoors especially now that we have a wii. Jillianne and Ireland have taken quite a liking to this new gaming system.  They have exhausted their wii characters.  They actually fell asleep.

Okay, well maybe that's not the reason but these little miis have had their fair share of playing time.
I have never heard so many giggles come out my two girls, you just have to laugh right along with them. We have set a limit because what kind of parents would we be ? Half an hour of wii and then they need to find something else to, so out of the mothballs came the light bright this afternoon and voila a very cute fishy creation.

Kerrington is enjoying the wii but not as much as the other two. She is enjoying the finer things of teenage hood,
like the hefty family promotion of getting her own house key. She went with daddy to the hardware store and picked out her own key.  She chose a very cute but very functional Tinkerbell key.  She was pretty excited about the whole thing.  Now if she could only learn how to unlock the front door!!!

In other very exciting news she now has a
 hair straightener. (well it is exciting if you are 13)  It does a really nice job, but Daddy doesn't like it because having her hair straight makes her look older.  From the back it is really pretty and feminine.

Maybe one day we'll get use to the fact that she is growing up but that won't be today.

Until next time,  Joceline