Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

This afternooon when we got home after running some errands it was somewhat warm, the girls took this not so frigid weather as an invitation to pull out some long lost friends.

First the baseball glove came out,

Actually Ireland had brought her glove in about two weeks ago and gave a it a very good scrub so it would be ready for action in a moments notice.

It was quickly replaced by helmets and bikes,

Jillianne had confessed this morning to a group of friends during show and tell that a bad thing
had happened to her over the winter.
She thought she had forgotten how to ride her bike, she quickly put that to rest when she hopped on to her bike and took off.
She may have to change her confession!
As she was riding she literally jumped off her bike to show me a small bit of moss growing in the neighbours driveway. I don't know anything about moss, if it grows all year year round or not, but it was green and that made her very excited.

My sure sign of spring is we can now actually see our fence, it is no longer covered in snow.

Yeah for spring, well almost, we are supposed to get more snow on Wednesday, but I hope it won't cover the fence again, not after it has all finally melted.
 We'll see !

Until next time,  Joceline

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

I've never really understood the meaning of St Patrick's Day other than there was alot of drinking
tied to this holiday. I wondered what it was all about so did a little research and was quite surprised
as to what I found.  The day is marked in memorial of a man who brought the love of God to the Irish.
Unfortunately it has been improperly commercialized, but I no longer see the harm in doing a few things green!  The girls woke up this morning to some Lucky Charms and we will be drinking green Kool-aid with our lunch, some green Jell-o for a sweet afternoon snack and some fun coloring pages.
They may not understand why we celebrate but I think they'll enjoy it anyways.
So for you, my friends:

                                                                An Old Irish Blessing

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.

May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours.

So now with new found appreciation of this day,

Happy St Patrick's day
to you from all of us!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Homemade with Love

My Christmas gift from my Sweetie has been getting a lot of use and today was no exception!
Let me back track a bit about my gift.  I have had my eyes on a Kitchen Aid Mixer for about  six or seven years.  This past Christmas was my year to have my wish granted, I was getting my mixer.The problem was that the stores only carried black, red, white or chrome and my kitchen is cream and olive green.
I thought I could get the chrome one since it was the most neutral, so we brought it home and we quickly took it out of the box and set it up in its proper location, I didn't like it :(  I was feeling kind of bad because I wanted to feel more excited than I was.  I walked in and out of the kitchen about ten times looking at that mixer and I kept wishing I would like it.  It didn't work.  I couldn't bring myself to love it like I thought I would.  My heart has always melted over the beautiful cream coloured one, but I had never seen it in any stores.  I thought to myself  I'll just check the Kitchen aid website and see just how much the one of my dreams was going for.  It was $499.99 plus shipping.  That was $250.00 more than the one sitting on my counter.  I just couldn't bring myself to spending that much more money just for the colour. I then happened to go the Kitchen aid website for the U.S and there it was my mixer for the same price as the one I didn't like on my counter.  My husband is so sweet, he helped me pack the chrome one back up and made arrangements for the cream one to be delivered in the states and was willing to go pick it up. There was nothing technically wrong with the chrome one it just wasn't The One.  I'm so glad he understands me :)
So to make my already long story somewhat shorter. I got my cream coloured mixer and I LOVE
it.  Mark kept laughing at me and kept saying ""are you really that excited?"  I couldn't help but smile for days after we ordered it. When we pulled it out of the box it was perfect.  I then felt what I was hoping to feel with the chrome one.  Loving your appliances is very important, well not really, but it sure does make it more enjoyable to be in the kitchen.

So to show Mark my appreciation I've made homemade bread, pizza dough, many cookies and today lots of banana bread loaves.
I enlisted the help of the girls so they too could use my beautiful mixer. ( I don't think they feel the same way I do toward it, but they still had some fun)

Aren't their matching aprons adorable?  I had them hand made last year by a fantastic seamstress.
I picked out the material (with her help because I didn't even know what kind would work) and she even monogrammed them so there would be no guessing who's was who's. A sweet apron is another kitchen loving must have!
So off to work we went.

We had lots of fun together.
I love having girls!
(and also a cream coloured mixer :)

Until next time,  Joceline

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little Discipline Goes a Long Way

It all started last summer when the girls each opened up their own bank accounts.
It was agreed that a certain amount from each weeks allowance would be set aside as
savings.  "What can we spend it on?" was the question often asked.  We will have to see, was
always the answer.

 This past January, Kerrington and Ireland started talking of purchasing
new digital cameras, so when they asked if the savings could be spent on that they got a different
answer,"Yes, of course!"  (happy screams, excited laughter and  a little bit of jumping up and down followed)  They had approximately half the amount saved up, so the hunt for a cool camera and hot deal was now their pursuit.
Costco had some really nice cameras, so they each decided on the one they wanted.  With this tangible goal now in front them they ramped up their savings by now including their weekly spending money to their growing fund. Things really started to add up much more quickly and so did their determination and excitement.  Saying no to themselves, especially at the dollar store was a great lesson in self discipline.

Last Saturday we had to go to Costco for a few items, and now it had almost become a tradition to stop by the camera display, we looked at their chosen beauties, and to our great surprise the camera Kerrington had chosen had dropped in price by $30.00 but the camera Ireland had chosen had gone up $30.00.
Alot of excitement from one and a pretty disappointed look from another. So some talking and deciding
resulted in a minor chose adjustment for Ireland, she went with the same camera as Kerrington but in the blue. The reason she had chosen the other camera originally was because it came with two SD cards for the camera, but it no longer was worth the extra cost. I don't think I've shopped Costco quite so quickly before, I couldn't help myself I was very excited for them to "finally" get the reward they
had worked so hard for and deserved.
Their initial goal was to have the money saved up by June, but we are all so excited to say they had enough money to purchase their new cameras on March 12.  That is pretty awesome.
So for a job well done we purchased K and I each a 4GB SD card, so now they are all set to take as many pictures as they want and they still have money in their savings account. 

Jillanne is now also the proud new owner of a digital camera, Thanks to Kerrington's generosity.
Kerrington had promised Jillianne that when she purchased her new camera she would give her her old camera, that was pretty exciting for her since she loved to borrow Kerrington's camera and just take a "few" pictures with it.  She usually drained the batteries because she loves taking pictures!
So now she can snap away to her hearts content because Mommy and Daddy bought a 40 pack
of batteries to endorse her photographic art;)

Now that these cameras are purchased I think I will be hearing the old question of
"What can we spend it on now?"

I'll keep you posted;)

Until next time,  Joceline

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa


                                                      A sweet message for a sweet Grandpa.

                                       We hope your day is filled with lots of love and happiness.

                                                                Happy Birthday Grandpa!

                                    Love, Mark Joceline, Kerrington, Ireland and Jillianne :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

About me

Age:  34

My favorite colour:  green ( it has been since I was 11, the shade has changed but the colour has not)

My favorite animal:  eww...yuck

What I want/ed to be when I grew up?  a nurse and a mom who bakes cookies.  ( I got the best of both since my girls have all went through accident proned phases and I bake cookies with them)

My favorite movie:  Anne of Green Gables is a classic to me, I also enjoy the Love Comes Softly Series.

My Favorite Book:  Anything written by Elizabeth George, but out of all the books I have and read of hers my favorite is  A Woman After God's Own Heart.

What makes me happy?  Spending time with my family or planning something special for my family.

What makes me sad?  When someone in my family is hurt or sick.

My favorite food:  Pizza from Chochi's

My favorite song to sing:  Any worship song.

My hobbies or pass-time:  scrapbooking, journaling, taking pictures, basically I am a family historian.
                                         (more on this in another post to come)

My favorite time of year:  I love the spring because everything is so fresh and new.
                                       I love the summer because I can get alot done around the house (no school)
                                       I love the fall because we get back to routine and I love sweaters!
                                       I love the winter because of the snow gently falling, candles burning and all the
                                       snuggling :)

So here you have it,  everything you really wanted to know and didn't.

Until next time,  Joceline

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Interview with My Sweetheart

In keeping up with the interviews, here is Mark's

How old are you?  36

What is your favorite colour?  red

What is your favorite animal?  dog

What is your favorite movie?  Ladder 49

What do you want to be when you grow up?  (hehe) chief

What is your favorite book?  Stories of Faith and Courage From Firefighters and First Responders.

What makes you happy?  you ( aww... that's pretty sweet, Thanks Honey)

What makes you sad?  injustice

What is your favorite food?  pizza

What is your favorite song to sing?  Burning Love by Elvis

What is your favorite game/pass-time?  Euchre, Uno, playing Legos and Kinex with my girls.

What is your favorite time of year?  Summer, so I can ride my motorcycle.

I can't wait either!

Mark has been working very hard the past year taking many fire courses and I'd have to say that they have paid off.  He was recently promoted at the fire department, he is now acting Captain. How awesome is that?

I think the thing he is enjoying most is the really shiny RED helmet he gets to wear and the pretty cool
radio he gets to use.
So Congratulations to you My Sweetheart,  you deserve it!

Until next time,  Joceline