Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Special Time

Quite some time ago Mark and I started something special with our girls,
hence the name "Special time."
We wanted to make sure that each girl was not overlooked or ever left out.
At first I thought they would not be interested in it, but it seems to have picked up in popularity.
So it goes like this.
We have a six week schedule.
 The first week I have special time with Jillianne, a few hours on a week night,
then the second week it's with Ireland, followed by Kerrington.
Then we switch and it's daddy's special time with each of the girls.
        Now, we are not rigid in this schedule, we genuinely try to protect this time,                                       
  but sometimes it takes us 8-9 weeks to go through our rotation,
because life happens.

We let them have a choice as to what they would like to do with us.
We give them sort of an outline for the six weeks, so each special time will be similar, again making it "fair."
This year we have already done "it has to cost nothing,"
which the girls were very good at coming up with ideas.
A movie at home with dad, pool at the fire hall, games with mom or snuggling in bed while watching the Precious girls club.
They actually impressed us with their creativity.
This time around it was a dinner or something fun to do while going out, completely their choice.
Jillianne jumped at the chance to go with daddy to see the Lorax.
"I want to go to you know the place with the big screen and they sell popcorn there."
Ireland has requested a hockey game.
I think Kerrington is leaning toward a dinner out with dad.

We never use this time to grill the girls or talk discipline or about school.
It is just a time for focusing on getting to know them more and laughing, lots of laughing
making a special connection with them.
We try to end each time by thanking them for spending time with us,
because we really do cherish the time we have with them.

I am amazed at how often I hear Jillianne asking when her next special time is.
Her excitement is contagious, I love that she loves this time.
The other two may not be as verbal with their excitement toward special time,
 but I know they enjoy it very much.

We are so honored that God has given us the awesome privilege of raising part of the next generation, we take this wonderful responsibility very seriously, so we want to make sure we pour into these sweet girls
everything we have.
"Special time" is a small, but very important part of that.

Until next time,