Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Really Long Time No Post!

I have come to the realization that you make time for the things that are important.
Looking back on my previous posts, I now see that I truly enjoy keeping a journal of our                     family events.
I watched as Mark read some of our earlier entries and I loved how much he was smiling, that's why I write.
I don't want to sit and write what I think others will enjoy reading, but our lives real and "possibly" un-edited. I want us all to be able to look back years from now and read about what we did during our daily routines, as well as the special times. So if my dialogue is directed toward us,
don't be offended as I want this for us, my family.
These are few of the things that have happened in 2012.

Some one got a haircut that made her absolutely cuter, if that was even possible!

We had a family wedding and Ireland had the privilege of standing in it. She was positively radiant!

This sweet girl also got a hair cut and then another hair cut,
her inhibition to try new things is one of the qualities that makes her so special.
We tried to enjoy more time as a family, we love to play games together.
Pictionary is one of our favorites.
I can always amaze us by how bad I draw, Kerrington has inherited this skill, but Mark, Ireland and Jillianne can all draw sooo well.
Funny things is though, Kerrington and I win just as often because we "understand" each others scratchings, where as Daddy and the girls like the details.
Great drawing, but in this game just get it out there and done.
We always laugh so hard,  how can we even guess at some of the drawing we do?
Love this time:)

I hope to post more often as this is a pretty sad review of 2012. I want this year to be different in my blogging journey.
I am looking forward to 2013 to post much more regularly with or without pictures, because I want our stories to remembered.
Some of them are really funny!
Until next time,

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