Sunday, May 26, 2013

Celebrate times 2

We started a small "tradition" last year for Jillianne and Ireland's family birthday parties,
to be celebrated on the same day.
It turned out wonderful, so we did it again this year.
Their birthdays are less than a month apart so we have it right in the middle.
Two cakes, two birthday girls, lots of fun!
The girls chose to go green and blue for the joint celebration,
and also requested to decorate their own birthday cakes.
For sure!!!
Here is Jillianne's
and Ireland's.
They were delicious.
Matching gifts :)

Celebratory balloons.

Two sweet birthday girls.

One happy proud mama.
Happy Birthday to my now nine year old little red head and
 to my almost thirteen year old little blondie.
Until next time,

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