Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I couldn't allow this day in our lives to go unmarked.
We buried my grandmother today.
She was 83 years old.
What a beautiful and sad day all wrapped into one.
Beautiful to see so many lives who had been touched by one person and sad that all we now have are those memories.
My grandmother whom I called Memere had ten wonderful children, one who was already awaiting her in paradise, was so loved and cared for especially in her last days by these dedicated people.
Around the clock they took turns to be at her bedside, so she would never be alone. She was poured into with so much love and compassion it was absolutely beautiful to watch such love in action.
I commend her children and their wives/husbands for their unfailing tenderness.
It was a tribute to her.
"Her children shall rise and call her blessed..."
She also had 27 grand children, 38 great-grand children and 4 great-great- grand children, who too arose and called her blessed but mostly who just loved and kissed her because she loved kisses!
My dad who is the oldest son was able to share a few words at her funeral,
I want to remember those words.
Here is an excerpt of what he spoke about his mom.
"A woman with an iron hand when it came to difficulties and obstacles,
she would never give up and always said the Lord will help us and He did.
Yet when it came to loving and caring for us she had a velvet glove of love and compassion
and always had time for each of us.
All of us remember her nuggets of wisdom,
 Don't forget about the Lord Jesus.
Choose you friends carefully.
Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who are.
She knew that bad company corrupts good character."
Other words of dedication and love were spoken of, only reaffirming what we all sitting there knew.
She was an amazing woman who will be deeply missed.
She has left us but her legacy of love will live on in each one us as we take care of each other.
P.S Memere we won't forget the pickles.
Until we meet again,
Your loving grand-daughter,

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